My Apokalypse

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No, it's not a typo. Apokalypse, is the German spelling of the word. This candle is a robust fragrance mainly composed of jasmine, rose, and an accord mimicking the scent of burnt wood. I know it's weird sounding, but I love it. You will love it too, especially if you love strongly scented candles with a prominent wood scent.

I finally released this scent in December 2020 after working on it for much of the pandemic. I say 'finally' because initially, it was supposed to be an October launch. However, due to the current events of that time, I figured it might not be the best move to launch a product donning the name "Apokalypse."

For me, Apokalypse was, well, 2020 in a nutshell. It was a year of turmoil and waking up every day thinking, "wtf is next?" I went from celebrating a milestone birthday for an entire weekend with some of my closest friends to a worldwide shut down the next day. Honestly, I was scared of all the uncertainties and what-ifs. I felt uninspired and worried about what the next day might bring. To add to it all, it was incredibly nerve-racking being a business owner too. Will what I worked so hard for over the years vanish before my eyes?

So one day in April, after a demanding workday, I went for a run, and I had this thought come through- "find the beauty among the chaos." I ran along the boardwalk, and I could smell the aroma of freshly bloomed jasmine. I felt inspired again. Like an artist who writes songs, I make fragrances, so I got to work right away on my next scent.

I took a different approach on this one. In the past, I've consistently named my fragrances after the composition was complete. This time around, I started with the word Apocalypse and went from there. I wanted this fragrance to reflect beauty and chaos.

The beauty comes from a couple of my favorite flowers, jasmine and rose. The chaos is a culmination of birchwood, cedarwood, frankincense, and labdanum. When these notes are combined, it creates an accord reminiscent of burnt wood.

Although I don't necessarily like gender-ing my fragrances, this one is traditionally pretty masculine. It's the smell of a fireplace after the fire has died; it's charcoaled trees from natural fires; it's a rebirth for new opportunities. It's grateful for every challenge, for it makes us stronger. It's Apokalypse.

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