Black Rose Classic Candle
Black Rose Classic Candle
Black Rose Classic Candle
Black Rose Classic Candle

Black Rose Classic Candle

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Aroma Profile
Aromatic, floral, heady

The opulent Black Rose pays tribute to the memory of Andrew Lehmann's childhood memories of this father's immaculate rose garden- a collection of fragrant roses drifting through the summer air.

Smells Like
A giant vase full of roses in the lobby of a really fancy hotel.

8 oz / 227 g
3.25" diameter x 3.5" height / 8.3 cm diameter x 8.9 cm height
Burn time 40-50 hours

Made in Santa Barbara, California.

Dewy Moss, Tea Rose, Black Currant

Hand-poured into a clear glass vessel with natural coconut wax, non-toxic oils, essential oils, and a braided cotton wick. No additives, no dyes, and no phthalates.

Top: Green Moss
Middle: Tea Rose, Jasmine
Base: Black Currant

Before each use, ensure the wick is a maximum length of 0.25" to help prevent smoke and residue.

Burn the candle until the entire surface of the wax has melted. Allow 2-3 hours.

If necessary, re-center the wick with care after extinguishing the flame—while wax remains molten.

The candle comes wrapped in black tissue paper packaged inside a matte black box. All candles and their packaging can be recycled or reused.


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