A candle Haus founded in 2016 by Andrew Lehmann.
started as an outlet for creativity and an exploration of perfumery. Realizing a gap in transparency and cost within the luxury candle market, Andrew wanted his brand to showcase the ingredients while producing an accessible luxury candle.
Andrew Lehmann in Candle Studio
Since 2016, Andrew has refined his art in candle-making and fragrance creation. To this day, he continues to create the candles all by hand in his studio based in Santa Barbara, California. Every item is hand crafted in small batches to maintain our high standards of quality.
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The product that started The Haus

THE WICK is made of cotton. One can find many types of wicks, characterized by their weaving and their diameter. The wicks are chosen depending on the shape and size of the glass, as well as the burning characteristics of each candle.

THE WAX is made from natural coconut wax and soy wax- a development which is the source of the candle's exceptional olfactory and burning qualities. When correctly taken care of, no smoke leaves a LEHMANN DESIGN HAUS candle and no wax is left on the sides of the glass.

THE FRAGRANCE is developed by Andrew Lehmann and carefully crafted with a mixture of toxin-free fragrance oils and essential oils.