Founder Notes

"Palo Santo + Sage was inspired by my partner. While traveling South America, he bought me a vial of Palo Santo extract and a vial of Jasmine extract, which is my favorite flower. Both of these oils were so special to me and actually ended up being apart of the final fragrance formulation that you know as Palo Santo + Sage. To me, this fragrance is symbolic of new beginnings."

"Black Rose is special to me. I created it because the smell of roses takes me back to my summers as a child. My dad had an opulent rose garden in front of my childhood home. I would do my best to help take care of the roses. Ultimately it was my dad who kept them alive because I lack a green thumb- so I made a fragrance instead!"

"The scent of jasmine in the spring is my most favorite scent in the entire world. I'm obsessed with this intoxicating flower and I use this note quite often in my fragrance blends. I wanted to create a fragrance that was subtle but voluptuous. Jasmine + Minze, German for 'Mint', is an ode to this beautiful flower."