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Welcome To The Haus

Lehmann Design Haus creates thoughtfully made home fragrance products and is a curator of ambiance to be enjoyed by all.

Lehmann Design Haus started simply as a creative outlet back in 2016 out of my studio apartment kitchen in Los Angeles, California. I taught myself about the science and process candle-making entails. Eventually, my creative outlet turned into my brand after family and friends kept purchasing my creations.

Soon after launching Lehmann Design Haus, I found a gap in sustainability and affordability within the home fragrance category. I was inspired to not only be a candle-maker but a changemaker as well. Aside from sharing my creativity, I also share my mission in creating a better tomorrow.

To this day, every Lehmann Design Haus product is hand-poured in small batches using non-toxic and sustainable materials that are safe for you and your Haus.

Thank you for coming to the Haus. I hope you enjoy taking a look around, and if you have questions, need help, or simply would like to drop a line, contact us here.

Andrew Lehmann