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I'm Andrew Lehmann, founder of LEHMANN DESIGN HAUS (LDH)- an artisanal candle and home fragrance house.

Before LDH was LDH, it was a creative outlet. A need for escape from my unforgiving "day job." After a lot of trial and error and the support of family and friends, my small Los Angeles-based studio apartment turned into my factory a year later, and I established LDH in 2016.

My small business is a brand for those who care about the ingredients of the products they bring into their homes and believe quality over quantity matters.

The crowded 8 billion dollar candle market is full of brands who keep their ingredients secret or blatantly use ingredients known to be harmful to humans, the environment, and even our pets (Huge animal-lover here).

So what makes LDH different? The ingredients, materials, and process. I carefully source every ingredient and material that goes into making these products. Then I make them in small batches, helping ensure their ingredients stay fresh and maintain a high-quality standard. Once poured, they're ready to be labeled, packaged, and shipped to you!

As people become more educated on what they're consuming, LEHMANN DESIGN HAUS is an authority in authenticity and transparency. From the candles to the reed diffusers, you can feel confident that what you're buying here is quality, non-toxic ambiance.

Thank you for being here and I hope you give LEHMANN DESIGN HAUS a try in a world of Targets, Ikeas, and Bath & Body Works.

Andrew Lehmann

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